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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Major Storms and the Home Watch Advantage      

The Home Watch advantage can be demonstrated in many ways but when severe weather hits, our clients are given information and action as needed no matter where the owner resides or are traveling.

In the months of May and June, Fernandina Beach and the Amelia Island area had two severe tropical storms cause damage to homes. Tropical storm Beryl hit with high winds and rain and tropical storm Debbie stalled leaving over 18” of rain bringing power outages and flooding.

At Home Watch Service Plus we are your eyes and ears as the storm approaches, during the storm and then during the cleanup and repairing of properties. This service is referred to as our “Pre-Storm and Post- Storm” services.

As both Beryl and Debbie approached our area each client received updates by phone and by email as to what was taking place and expected during the storm. This communication allowed our clients to inform us how they wanted their windows, doors, pools, outdoor furniture/BBQ , vehicles, boats and other personal items taken care of.

During the storm we monitor each home for electrical outages, water and wind damage and other items as requested. Communication with all clients take place using smart phones, emails and photos and take place around the clock as the storm continues.

At Home Watch Service Plus, we inspect each home checking the primary concerns such as roofs and windows leaking water, tree damage to homes and personal property, flooding, and electrical concerns with keeping refrigerators running and food not spoiling. One client wrote back asking us to check his refrigerator first as this happened years ago and they had chicken spoil and it took months to get the smell out of the house.

During Beryl and Debbie we experienced tripped electrical breakers, doors missing, windows and roofs leaking, fences damaged, trees down and limbs and debris on roofs and in yards and swimming pools. One garage was flooded and turned personal property on the floor into a mildew nightmare. We worked with a lot of minor damage that could have been major problems had they not been taken care of promptly.

Home watching is a service to monitor your home in your absence. It is a form of house sitting but we do not reside in your home. We check the home as often as you wish. Whether your home is a second home or you travel and are away often, make sure you have a plan to assure it is taken care of in your absence.


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